The Way Your Home Appears On The Outside Makes A Statement.

That’s where pride of ownership comes into play and everything that alters the exterior of the home, whether it’s a removal or addition of something, requires more thought before making any commitments.

As owners, we want to have a home that we can be proud of inside and out, but the outside usually has greater presence because that’s the first thing people see when they drive by and the first impression of a home when someone visits.

Let me ask this : why do people mow their lawns and water their plants? Is it enjoyable? Is it a fun past-time? Is it because we like pollen invading our bodies? Oh, I know! It’s because we want our home to look good! Am I right? Ok, maybe some people like mowing, but it’s really home ownership pride at its best.

Many people are a bit hesitant moving forward with solar panels because they think that solar panels make their home look ugly. Beauty can be very subjective; thus, if some people think that standard solar panels stick out like a sore thumb, then I’d say that that’s a fair feeling to have. To each their own, right?

Are there other aesthetically appealing options besides traditional solar panels? You bet, but the more important question is whether they perform better and provide greater benefits. Some people would rather sacrifice efficiency and pay more for something appealing. That is a choice and is solely up to the consumer to determine what’s more important to them overall.

What Questions Should I Be Asking When Shopping For Different Solar Options?

Is high efficiency important? Will you get enough power conversion? Are you willing to pay more? Do the other options have a negative impact on your roof? Is your roof even ideal for those options? These are all questions that should be asked if you’re considering something other than traditional solar panels.

An alternative to traditional panels are solar shingles. These are basically solar panels that are created to resemble asphalt. They are designed to blend seamlessly in with your existing roof shingles. That all sounds pretty good and the idea of the technology is also pretty neat, but this particular beauty doesn’t come without its faults.

Solar shingles have many disadvantages. Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Cost – Solar shingles are much more expensive than solar panels due to the amount of labor involved, the level of difficulty posed for installation, and the amount of material needed to meet certain specifications and needs.

2. Efficiency – Generally, solar shingles are less efficient than solar panels. They convert less sunlight into electricity.

3. Roof Concerns – First of all, not all roofs are good candidates for solar shingles. In order to maximize efficiency and absorb a sufficient amount of sunlight to power the home, the solar cells must be oriented to face true south as much as possible. Solar shingles limit the positioning of the angles due to its static nature that’s based on the layout of the existing roof. Solar panels, on the other hand, are capable of movement and relocation if necessary. Secondly, since solar shingles are less efficient, more space is needed to accommodate more shingles in order to convert the same amount of energy as solar panels. Thirdly, an appropriate roofing substrate is needed to make sure that the shingles don’t overheat. And lastly, installing shingles usually requires drilling holes into the roof in order to conceal wires. The wires are needed to connect the individual shingles into a series of units. If careful installation is not done, water can actually penetrate through the roof.

Traditional Solar Panels Are Better.

With so many disadvantages stacking against solar shingles, solar panels will probably take the cake. After all, the biggest reasons why people go solar to begin with are to save money and help the environment. But if you’re still concerned with looks, there’s still hope without compromising function. Have you heard of SunPower Signature black solar panels? In a nutshell, they are sleeker and more appealing efficient alternatives to the standard solar panels and can integrate with a wide range of environments and architectural styles. If you’re intrigued and want to find out more, you can feel free to call The Solar Company for more information. We are more than happy to fill you in.

Again, which one is better? Judging by the compared notes, I’d say traditional solar panels, but the choice is ultimately yours. Happy solar searching!