There is a lot of power packed in our sun that all living things on earth depend upon. Plants use the sun’s energy in photosynthesis, cleaning our air and providing fresh oxygen. The sun also provides light and warmth from a colossal 93 million miles away, stimulating plant growth and providing a necessary dose of vitamin D for mammals. The sun also influences earth’s weather and water cycle.

Humans have been able to capture some of the sun’s energy that falls to earth and convert it into usable power for a variety of practical uses – for cooking, heating, and to power everyday appliances.

Especially in view of the recent oil leak in the Gulf, more people are looking into different forms of alternative energy that will not only help them save money but will also help keep our earth clean.

Solar energy is renewable, meaning we can never run out of sunshine! By harnessing energy from natural renewable sources like the sun, dependence on more environmentally harmful sources such as oil and coal can be decreased.

Solar panel technology has also come a long way. Solar power systems are now much more efficient and have become more affordable for residential and commercial customers. Aesthetically speaking, solar panels are also sleeker and more attractive. No more ugly arrays! Today’s panels can blend nicely with the roof, adding style and value to the home.