No matter how old you are or where you live, everyone uses electricity. And chances are you’re already using solar power in some aspect of your life. Calculators, cell phone chargers – the uses for solar power are endless. But are you using solar power all the ways you could be?

How can solar work for me?

When you get a solar power system installed on your home, gone will be the days of chasing the kids (or your partner!) around the house, turning the lights and appliances off. Or even worrying about running your air conditioning on those hot, summer days. The great thing about solar is that it gives you the freedom of using power whenever you need to without worrying about how much it’s costing.

Do I ever have to pay for electricity?

Switching to solar doesn’t mean you never have to pay for electricity – but it does mean that the power you produce will help offset the price you pay to your utility company, resulting in greatly reduced bills.

Instead of paying your monthly utility bill, you will only have to pay an annual bill (called a true-up) which shows you what you’ve produced vs. what you actually used for the year. Don’t be surprised if your entire bill for the year is only a fraction of the price you’re used to paying. Even a small system can make a big dent in what you normally pay, leaving money for you to use for other, more important things.

How to take care of your solar power system

Actually, you don’t really have to do anything besides make sure you keep the panels clean from dust or debris. And you can do that with a simple garden hose for the most part. Or for a more thorough cleaning, you can have them professionally cleaned by a local panel cleaning company. But that’s about it.

How do I know how much power my system is generating?

There are a couple of ways of monitoring your production to see how much power you’re generating each day/week/month/year through a simple computer access portal. Or some systems have an app. So when you’re not at home, you can even log in remotely and check on your system through your smart device.

What do I have to do to make the switch to solar?

Just ask! We can give you a quote in person or over the phone, and even via email if you’d prefer. But you’ll never know how much you could be saving until you take that first step!