Ever wonder which countries are the top installers of solar power?

The United States is currently in 5th position, not too far behind Germany with it rapidly expanding pace.

With prices dropping and incentives being given by the government, along-side advances in technology, the demand for solar power has increased and thus expanded worldwide. There are numerous markets that have yet to move quickly in the direction of solar due to reasons such as lack of awareness and knowledge, financial circumstances, and availability. But the few that have moved quickly forward are really working hard and taking action to educate their community on the benefits of solar.

Installations are definitely happening. Let’s take a further look into which ones are riding the solar train by viewing the following solar infographic by One Block Off the Grid.

The above infographic lists the top 10 countries in solar. The list was created using data from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association’s 2015 Global Market Outlook to figure out the top 10. This list may not be set in stone in the order provided due to future changes related to incentives, prices, media influences, and/or marketing.

What will be in store for the solar future? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

src: http://1bog.org/blog/infographic-top-ten-countries-that-use-solar-energy/