Solar makes waves in the government sector.

The government continues to support solar energy in various ways. They not only issue incentives to support a cleaner alternative energy source, but they also install and utilize solar power for themselves.

This not only sets an example for the rest of the world, but validates the benefits that coincide with solar use. As leaders and guiders of the country, it’s important to pave the way to a better future that is more cost-effective in the long-run and more environmentally sound.

Let’s face it. I’m pretty certain most of us don’t support pollution nor do we want more problems in the future related to environmental factors that can essentially be controlled.

Humans have a great amount of power and not to be cheesy, but the reality is that together we truly make a huge impact on the Earth on so many different scales.

With many issues related to government rule, we all know that most issues regardless of what they are tend to be debatable, but when it comes to solar energy, the President stands firm behind its functions and advantages. This goes for other natural, renewable, and clean power resources as well.

In fact, President Obama’s marine helicopter hangar recently had 500 solar panels installed. As we know, the people who protect our country including the army, navy, and marines, all require a large amount of funding in order to operate.

Thus, if funding can be utilized in smart ways that maximizes benefits including reducing costs, then the government doesn’t see any reason to oppose solar planning and implementation.

The Navy itself, in the next decade, is required to get 50% of its energy from renewable resources. These requirements are set to achieve various goals that include reducing the electric bill and preventing CO2 emissions that harm the Earth’s atmosphere.

These are both positive impacts for mankind. Why? 1) Our tax money is being put to good use 2) our livelihood in our ecosystem can be maintained, and 3) create jobs for those in the green sector.

Once the break-even point is reached investment-wise, less money will be needed to fuel up military tanks, more money can be saved, and other beneficial projects for the country can be funded.

Here, an environment investment proves to be advantageous to the economy.

Of course, not all efforts with good intentions will stand successful – that’s the nature of business.

Solyndra, supported by Obama, took a fall late last year, but that certainly didn’t stop the continued strive from others in the solar field to do what they stand behind and do best – provide a renewable, clean energy that benefits the customer and the people. Obama is no different – the continued investment into solar energy remains strong.

Here in California, The Solar Company remains strong in the efforts to spearhead a great cause and help customers meet their energy goals.

In order to see success, investment is no doubt an important factor, but firm belief in the product and outcome itself may be what truly spearheads change and advancement.

So let there be light!