Have you heard of SunPower’s Monitoring System?

If you haven’t, you could be in for a treat. The following is a brief description of their system from their website:


“The SunPower® Monitoring System is a web-enabled energy dashboard that offers homeowners easy access to view their home’s energy consumption and solar energy production in real-time. And for on-the-go monitoring, they can download an application for their iPhoneTM or iPod touch® device.

With the system installed, SunPower can also ensure optimal performance and maximize your customers’ utility bill savings. In the unlikely event that a system requires service, our Customer Service team will quickly respond, typically before your customers even know there’s a problem. This delivers peace of mind and the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.”

SunPower’s system makes it easy to monitor the solar panels performance remotely.

What are the conveniences and features that come with the product?

Good question. The system comes with a wireless in-home wall-mounted LCD display and an Internet-based program. Many security camera devices have these types of on-the-go capabilities as well in order to help you monitor your home. What’s special about the iPhone support is that it helps keep track of several different statistics related to the performance of your solar panels. These include the current solar panel generating capacity, the lifetime panel production, today’s production, today’s usage, and today’s net difference between production and usage.

By allowing SunPower solar panel owners the power of viewing and monitoring their solar electricity generation, users are given the capability and power to watch their energy savings on an hourly, monthly, and annual basis without having to be at home. This is a great product that will help customers catch any problems that they may have with their system or rejoice at the statistics of their savings. It’s a win-win system.

If you’re at all into technology, are always on-the-go and traveling due to work or pleasure, then I’m sure this is something that would be of interest. This particular application that is available on the iPhone and iPod touch can be downloaded immediately from the Apple App Store itunes.com/apps/sunpowermonitoring for free and is made available to any new or existing customers of SunPower solar systems as long as the monitoring capabilities are present.

If you aren’t already a SunPower customer, a demonstration feature can be downloaded. This feature will give an overview of how the application works.

If you aren’t an Apple iPhone or iPod owner, no need to fret either. As long as you have online access your SunPower system can be monitored on the internet as well. The SunPower Monitoring System is available through the SunPower dealer network for homeowners purchasing a new solar rooftop system.

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