Remember the remarkable solar plane that surpassed a 24-hour test flight?

If you do, great! If you don’t, then sit tight because I promise to fill you in. In a previous post back in April, I had written about a solar aircraft prototype, whose team of creators agreed to an ambitious goal after the success of their 24-hour test flight that lasted 26 hours, 10 minutes and 19 seconds. That ambitious goal is to be able to fly a second solar airplane, the HB-SIB, all the way around the globe in 2014.


Now, as the title of this post indicates, that very aircraft is none other than the Solar Impulse, but what’s more exciting is the fact that the official solar cell supplier for the Solar Impulse project as well as the second solar airplane being constructed is the renowned SunPower – the company which The Solar Power Company is a proud Elite Dealer for. If that doesn’t indicate high quality product, then I don’t know what does. It takes a lot of research, development, and testing to determine which solar company’s solar cells deems worthy and reliable for such an incredible feat. Agree? I sure hope so.

SunPower’s Maxeon™ solar cell technology was selected because of its industry-leading efficiency and thickness of its solar cell, an average of only 135 microns, which is important for the power to weight ratio of the aircraft. After the success of the first solar plane, a second airplane is under construction using approximately 22,000 of the SunPower solar cells. The cells will be incorporated into the plane’s wings and horizontal stabilizer, with each cell producing an efficiency of approximately 22.7 percent. The solar cells will power the electrical engines, storing the excess solar energy for the night flying in lithium batteries.”

SunPower, with its leading technology is confident in the future success of the use of their solar cells in the next remarkable airplane that will circumnavigate across the globe. In the meantime, SunPower continues to power residential, commercial, and utility-scale power plant projects with their high-efficiency, high reliability solar panels. In helping to spread quality solar panels, The Solar Company is proudly providing and installing this leading product to its community.

Before I end this post, are you ready for some supportive words from the Solar Impulse team on SunPower? Of course!

“We are pleased to partner with SunPower, a leader in designing and delivering high-efficiency solar technologies. SunPower’s solar cells are optimum for this project, as they offer the performance and low-weight that is needed for our revolutionary solar airplanes,” said Andre Borschberg, Solar Impulse co-founder and CEO.

“A pioneer in its field, SunPower represents the kind of partner we like to collaborate with to not only power the world’s first manned solar aircraft, but to also spread our message on the benefits of renewable energy,” added Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse initiator and chairman.

There you have it – history may be made again in 2014 so don’t miss out!