We’ve had a nice bit of rainfall lately but it’s starting to get nice and warm as spring gets closer. And with all that sunshine and rain, flowers and new plants are popping up all over the place – which means it’s time to get the gardens going.

Whether you grow your own organic fruits and vegetables, or just stick with roses and hydrangeas, all plants and trees can benefit from compost. If you’re thinking of making your own, it’s so easy to do and is also one of the best things you can do for your plants.

Compost has so many environmental benefits including adding important nutrients and microbes to the soil, saving water by helping the soil hold water without wasteful runoff, and helping to balance the soil’s pH. And don’t forget – when you compost, you’re helping to recycle organic resources which, in turn, helps conserve landfill space.

If you’re not sure what can be composted, here’s a quick guide from our friends over at eartheasy, along with instructions on how to start and maintain your compost bin: