February was a busy month for solar! We don’t usually have as much sun as we’ve been having this far into winter – but due to the drought, it’s meant drier weather for more installations.

And it’s not just California solar that’s been growing like crazy. A recent report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission found that renewable energy provided 99% of all new US electrical generating capacity for January 2014. And solar led the way with 287MW of new generating capacity installed.

But what about all of the extra sun we’ve been enjoying? How does this winter’s solar production compare to last year’s? We took a cross section of our customers’ data to see just what kind of impact the increased sunlight and good weather has had on their production.

Last winter vs. this winter

Production is up for most of our customers this winter over last winter by about 10%, with November and December 2013 as the highest months, generating on average 43.6% more than the previous year for that same time period.

How about your system? How much more have you produced during this winter? Let us know in the comments below.