The Waiting Game

Should I buy the iPhone 4s now or wait till the iPhone 5 comes out? I’ve heard so many people ponder this very question, among others.


Waiting seems to be an internal conflict that we all face when it comes to technology. With any technology, be it light bulbs, cell phones, gadgets, televisions, laptops, we all struggle between the satisfaction or benefits of now and the possible advancement of later.

Solar, like all technology, will continue to get better over time. They may get more sophisticated, come up with prettier or more attractive designs, and be more flexible and easier to work with, or come up with lighter weight material. Whatever the case may be, technology will never stop moving forward.

Efficiency, however, will probably change minutely since PV technology is already extremely efficient to date and close to theoretical maximums. Even if it somehow greatly surpasses theoretical maximums in the future, waiting is still an issue.


Waiting means that more money is being spent day by day paying for your existing electric bill. That also means that instead of starting your savings now, you’re paying more to wait for something that may not get much better. Let’s not forget that as we wait, we also get older and as we get older, time is limited and more valuable. That’s why it’s important to act when you know something is already good.

Should you wait?

Of course, the decision is ultimately up to you, but sometimes the satisfaction and benefits of the known now can save you more time, money, and less strain on thinking about the hopeful “what ifs” of something new that may or may not come.

New usually equates to excitement, thrill, ingenuity, and innovation – that’s why people are always on the fence about the old and new, but new is not for everyone. A lot of the times, simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness are enough.

For many, a simple flip phone that simply texts and calls is sufficient. It serves its purpose. For solar, photovoltaic technology that saves money, is efficient and effective, reduces carbon dioxide footprint, gives immediate satisfaction, and provides power is enough for people to commit.

Many of our customers have provided testimonials and have allowed us to feature their projects on our site in order to help spearhead the solar movement. They’re extremely happy with their decision and are reaping the benefits that they desired. If you’d like to see their projects and read more about those families and individuals, please feel free to visit our link under residential installations.


Waiting can definitely have benefits, no doubt, but is it worth it? That’s really up to you to decide.

The beauty of solar is that it is still growing and will continue to grow with the support of the growing community interests and the government, along with the act to provide for alternative renewable energy in order to slow down the use of limited fossil fuels.

Solar now? Or solar later? Either way, it’s a positive investment for the world and yourself.