Working at The Solar Company, I sometimes speak to people who have shading on their roofs.

Just the other day, I spoke to Ralph V. of Tracy, who wondered why we were concerned about shade on his roof with regard to solar installation. I explained that most people don’t look at their roofs online, so they don’t know their roofs are shaded. Oftentimes, we see homes that are shaded by trees. Occasionally the trees are not even on the customer’s property.

Ralph said there was no shade on the roof except from a few palm trees.

I explained that those few palm trees were tall, and shaded the roof heavily.

Ralph wanted solar for his home, so I followed our protocol by arranging to have a Solar Technician come out and do a Free Shading Analysis to determine whether there was adequate exposure to the sun’s rays to meet his electrical demand.

While the analysis showed there was only enough exposure to power 65% of the customer’s appliances, the customer wanted to go solar to produce his own energy, and the system we sized for him would eliminate enough of his bill to meet his needs.

Ralph made an informed decision to move forward with solar, knowing exactly how much electricity he would be able to generate, whereas some companies might have sold him a system without letting him know how practical and profitable it would be.

When I order a Free Shading Analysis for a customer, I can rest in knowing that my customer will have the knowledge he or she needs to make an informed decision about solar.

This is one more example of how The Solar Company provides excellent customer service!