The Solar Company Customer Reviews

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Most people are aware by now that online review sites, such as Yelp, may not reflect the true nature of a company’s customer service level. A handful of poor reviews can have the power to overshadow the abundance of good reviews, relegating them to a filtered section and creating a false impression of a business’s performance.


Please be assured that we have addressed any negative reviews on various online review sites of a less-than-stellar experience and have done everything in our power to improve the customers’ experience.

We have over 2,500 happy customers all over Northern California that have switched to solar. The customer reviews below are from direct correspondence with our customers and we are proud to share them. And if you’d like to share your review with us, please email us: info (at)


Mike & Kathy H.
“Just passed our 5 year anniversary with our solar installation.  Absolutely the best decision we ever made.  According to our inverter readout we’ve prevented 54,103 pounds….over 27 tons….of carbon from reaching the atmosphere.  Feels wonderful every time I look at it.  And that number keeps growing and growing and growing….. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.”

Casey G.
“My energy bill is nonexistent…They were awesome, and it was very quick. They got me in within a month of me requesting their service.”

John W.
“The Solar Company impressed us on so many different levels.  They assessed our usage and designed a system to off-set our electric bill. They communicated with updates regularly and everything Jason and their team told me was accurate. The Solar Company runs an honest company. And 7 months later after having our electric bill eliminated, it’s obvious they are trustworthy.”

Bruce G.
“They seemed to be continuously working from the time they arrived until they completed the install, did the final cleanup, and departed.”

Ruth A.
“I am very pleased with it, and it’s worth looking into…I like the fact that my PG&E bill is way down, and they have been very good as far as following through. If there is a problem, they will follow through with it.”

James D.
“Every time I turn the lights on, I think about them. It is the easiest way to go, and you get a rebate. PG&E rates will go up, and the solar cost will stay the same. They were there when I needed them, especially the salesperson who was professional and on the ball.”

Dave R.
“[They] were very professional, courteous, and efficient.  They kept me completely in the loop during the installation and addressed any questions or concerns I had.  Their workmanship was very good and they cleaned up completely after the installation.”

Shelley S.
“Good value…They were very responsive and knowledgeable. The representative returned all of my calls.”

David M.
“It was a pain free experience. They came out, did everything they needed to do, and did things right. They were on time, and they did the work well.”

Jason T.
“They were fast, accurate with their estimate, clean, and very professional. Everything we asked for they listened to and did.”

Jim N.
“They were very professional. The salesman was very thorough in the explanation of what was going to happen.”

John P.
“It was a great experience from beginning to the end. They did all the work, and they did exactly as they promised me. My PG&E bill is lower. Russell, the installer, Michelle, the salesperson, and Shelly in finance were all absolutely wonderful people.”

Paul C.
“The crew that came here was extremely courteous and very thorough. They cleaned up after themselves, and it looks as if it has been there since the house was built.”

Stan H.
“Very professional, and the work was done on time.”

Lisa B.
“Go with the company that uses the best solar panels, which is what The Solar Company uses. They do everything you need to get you on solar. They have different programs available.”

David G.
“I liked how straightforward and honest they were. ”

James G.
“They were very professional and very prompt in doing what they said they were going to do. I’m a contractor. They were some of the best contractors I’ve ever seen. They did a very good job.”

Jan H.
“They did what they said they would do. I recommended them to my friend.”

Jeffrey K.
“I liked the quality of their product. They had very high standards. They cooperated as a unit and a team. They solved everything together. The product was very satisfying to me.”

John S.
“They have online information on how the system is doing. They also seem to know when the system goes down. They emailed me when they were not receiving information and it wasn’t transmitting.”

Peter M.
“I liked the product and the salesperson. David Shield was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was some difficulty in the installation, but they worked it out. I have referred them to a couple of people. In fact, I’m still waiting for my second referral fee.”

Randall K.
“I really enjoyed dealing with the local representative, Ash. They did everything on time and within my budget. They also cleaned up afterwards.”

Tony L.
“I love the panels. They’re carefree and they save me a lot of money. I love their expertise. The salesperson followed through. He was great, very knowledgeable, and informative. I was very pleased.”

Gary H.
“I was very satisfied with them. I liked their availability. They answered all of my questions. They even responded to the very qurky and bizarre ones. I felt they were very happy to answer them. They provided very good customer service. Everything happened in a timely manner. The personnel was nice. They got along with my kids. They were pretty good. Everything went very smoothly.”

Patty B.
“They were very professional and personable. I liked their approach.”

Ann F.
“They provide excellent service. I like the quality of their product. They have done pretty much all of the work for me, in terms of the permits and PG&E. They have exceptional customer service. I felt that I got a good value for my money.”

Chris H.
“Their professionalism throughout the process, from the time I met the person who gave me the estimate to installation and follow-up, the invoicing was easy. They were very flexible about how I paid the bill. They had a lot of options, credit cards, checks, and cash. They were very nice.”

Duane K.
“They are efficient, friendly, and easy to talk to. Everybody was extremely honest.”

John R.
“I liked the salesperson, David Shield. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. They had great customer service. I just felt that they went above and beyond. They were very personable.”

Harry S.
“They did a quality job. They were very good. We once had a problem. We called them and they came and made sure we were satisfied. They have been an excellent supplier.”

Gilne T.
“I liked their business model. It took a while for the panels to be connected, but once they were here, they were prompt. That made up for the time they were supposed to be here. Their customer service, the computer was disconnected, and they called to check on what was going on.”

Joanie V.
“They were efficient and very accommodating. They helped us a lot with electrical stuff that we were having problems with. They got things done on time. Everything went really well.”

Wesley W.
“I liked their customer service. They worked out any disagreements with me. Excellent communication, everything was great.”

Brenda P.
“They did everything when they said they were going to. Good follow-up, they’re very nice and very efficient.”

Eric P.
“Very detailed planning and presentation of the task, I liked how they accomplished the installation. They did a great job staying on schedule.”

Josephine S.
“They were efficient, fast, and very helpful.”

Josie B.
“We thought it was excellent. It has been great for our usage. They were very thorough and prompt. They came on time. We did not discuss or have any questions about what they were going to do and where. We were very satisfied.”

Kathy D.
“I liked that it was a local company.”

Patricia M.
“Their service was fast. They replaced an item that wasn’t working. They were wonderful.”

Robin S.
“They were helpful. They offered good service. We liked their product. They did they what they said they were going to do, when they said they would do it. They showed up on time. We were totally satisfied with what we got. We recommended them to our neighbors, who also used them. They were satisfied.”

Ted D.
“They installed everything. When we had a problem, they came back and fixed it.”

Cathy T.
“All the employees were knowledgeable and good communicators. They lived up to all of my expectations.”

Caroline U.
“The ease of the whole process from estimate to installation was remarkable.”

Hal E.
“The whole process was pretty professionally done. They seemed to be businesslike, but friendly and professional.”

Kent D.
“They have a good quality product, and they get the job done right.”

Owen W.
“They are very professional, especially the people in the office. They are attentive to your needs, and they always follow up.”

Dan F.
“They were quick with the installation. Their pricing was fair and their timing was good.”

James S.
“I liked a couple of things. The salesperson had twenty-eight years of experience as an Intel engineer. He knew about the product. I expressed concern to the gentleman in charge of the installation that the panels needed to be high enough so the horses would not scratch them. He listened to my concern and no elephant can rub its back on it…Usually, salespeople don’t know the product or salesmanship, but not in their case.”

Peggy N.
“I liked the overall product and the salesperson. I liked their professionalism and the knowledge they had about the product.”

Wendy M.
“They were very accommodating. They went through a lot of trouble to explain and inform us about the equipment that we were getting and the one we were looking at. I thought we had a complex system. They came on several occasions, when things were not going right to troubleshoot and figured out what it was, and replaced it. We were completely satisfied with the service and the equipment we got. We also liked their follow-up explanation.”

Marc R.
“They explained everything very well. They were very helpful when we ran into a couple of things with PG&E.”

April R.
“They were receptive to my questions. They worked very quickly on everything that I needed.”

Ann S.
“When I was doing some research, I liked what I read about them. They were professional and on time. ”

Dianna W.
“I was very impressed with the installation. It was beautiful. They knew what they were doing. They knew about their business. There was no standing around. Each man had a job and they all knew what they were supposed to do.”

George S.
“Very professional installation, they were on time, within budget, and very courteous. I really thought that the initial analysis on the installation was excellent. The system is working flawlessly. It is very reliable. They did an excellent job. The inspector was very impressed with the quality of the installation.”

Ken B.
“They made everything simple and easy.”

Tom S.
“I just thought that they did very professional work. They were very clean and they had very good suggestions for installing the roof panels without showing the wiring. They did a great job. I am very happy with them. I have recommended them several times.”

Julia G.
“They were very neat, and they really tried to satisfy me 100%. They made their phone calls, and they called back when they were supposed to.”

Ralph R.
“They were pretty knowledgeable. They were here when I had problems. They were prompt. They handled everything very professionally. They tried to answer the questions that I had. If they didn’t know the answer, they would research and get back to me. I was really happy with them. The people who came to install the panels were friendly. I didn’t have to wait very long for them to come when I needed them.”

Marian S.
“David Shield, the salesman, had a lot of knowledge and background. He is well-suited for his field. Their work was great. The system is flawless.”

Don W.
“They were prompt. It was a very professional installation.”

Andrew S.
“I thought they were straightforward, in terms of the cost and the process.”

Tom C.
“I loved the product. The quality of the panels was good. We could monitor the efficiency on our computer. The placement of the panels was really nice. They installed about twenty panels in very different places. We are getting the efficiency that we wanted. The salesman was perfect.”

Maria M.
“We like the product that they offer. It helps us save money. ”

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