PG&E will be changing their residential rates at the end of the month. This may affect you if you are currently a solar customer or plan to switch to solar in the near future.

Currently, there are rate schedules available that work well with solar customers, such as E-6 and E-7. These rates are based on Time of Use. 

After February 29, 2016, the E-7 rate schedule will be completely eliminated and the option to switch to the E-6 rate schedule will be eliminated.

What you need to do

First, check which rate you are currently on. If you are already on E-6, then you don’t need to do anything. You are locked into the best rate for solar for at least the next 5 years, meaning that even if you haven’t installed solar yet, you will have the preferred rate when you decide to go for it.

If you are on E-7 and either have solar already or are planning on installing soon, you need to switch to the E-6 rate right away to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of a solar power system.

If you have E-1 (or any other rate not mentioned yet), you should switch to E-6 if you have solar or are planning on installing soon. The great thing is that if you decide not to pursue solar, you can easily change back to the E-1 rate.

How to change your rate schedule

To change to the E-6 rate, you may contact PG&E at 800.743.5000 or access the PG&E website and follow these instructions:

How to Change Your Rate Schedule to E6

To read more about why these rate changes are happening, check out PG&E’s website: Time of Use Plan