I have had people ask me on the phone about how secure the solar panels will be on their roof.  They are concerned about high winds and the integrity of their roofs.  I did some research into the subject and discovered a few key facts about solar installations with our company:

When The Solar Company installs panels, they first inspect the roof thoroughly to ensure stability. You want to be sure that your roof is in good condition prior to installing  solar panels.

Customers sometimes ask how photovoltaic solar panels are attached to their roof, and I tell them we usually use 3.5” lag bolts to fasten the panels and that most panels are rated to withstand 100mph wind gusts.  More sensitive roof types have more specialized mounting systems to protect the roof’s integrity.

A closely related concern is our expertise with roofs.   The Solar Company started in 1990 as Mark Construction before we began focusing exclusively on solar in 2004, so we have extensive knowledge of sensitive roof work issues. We have installed well over a thousand solar arrays in Northern California, and have dealt with all kinds of roofs, from cement tile to composition shingle and shake (to name a few).  All of our roof work is guaranteed, and we commonly work directly with your roofing contractor to ensure their warranty is not voided.  In any case, all roof penetrations are carefully and thoroughly sealed.

When I talk to customers about installing a roof-mounted solar array, I know that great care is taken to ensure that the panels will be secure and the roof will remain sound.