Teach our children.

It’s important to introduce kids to hands on activities, especially while they’re young. As we all know, kids are like sponges – they learn quickly!

While in school or even outside of school, kids can be provided with opportunities to learn and experiment more with the concepts of solar – how it works, the benefits it provides, the history, and the future.

Solar science projects can be searched for on the internet and can be found at libraries or bookstores. Once adults provide kids with the environmental setup and resources to learn, they’ll be able to grasp the importance of solar and clean energy so that they can instill good habits to maintain toward the future.

In society, we always mention the power of teamwork rather than the individual. The more children learn about clean energy, the likelihood is that CO2 emissions and wasted energy will decrease. When it comes to positive environmental impact, only the power of many can truly make a difference.

So, why start later when you can start now? Let’s help educate ourselves and our children to be energy savers and to be environmentally friendly.

I took the liberty of browsing the internet for solar kits for kids. It’s amazing how many toys and projects are available.

The following are just a few of the toy kits I found and would like to share.

Kit #1: Slinky Science Solar Energy Kit

Product Description
A complete lab with solar collector, solar heater, energy focusing lens, thermometer and more than 25 energy conservation experiments! Harness the power of the sun with the solar energy kit! Collect and measure energy using a variety of solar tools. Easily conduct experiments and activities using the 16 page Instruction booklet included.


Kit #2: The Philadelphia Group Mad Science Solar Balloon Kit

Product Description
Fill this six-foot balloon up with air; let it sit in the sun; then watch it rise! This makes a great school science project. This kit contains one 6ft solar balloon; string; and an instruction sheet. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Adult supervision required.

Kit #3: Oregon Scientific Eco Kids Solar Power House

Product Description
This is an easy build-it-yourself Eco-solar power house that operates on natural sunlight or handle generator. It comes with a solar LED display, solar door sound, solar windmill, solar musical sounds, generator LED display, generator door sound, generator windmill, and generator musical sounds. This is an invaluable project to assist in educating children on the benefits of utilizing solar power.

Kit #4: Super Deluxe Solar Educational Kit

Product Description
This kit contains a multi-voltage solar panel, fan unit, plastic lamp, musical chime and more. Kids can discover the magic of solar energy by experimenting with motion, light and sound. Kit includes: Assembly instruction booklet, solar cell module with stand, musical unit with wire, plastic lamp with wire, fan unit, small DC motor with wire, 4 size yellow plastic turntables, paper airplane and bird models, jumper and connecting wires, plastic screw driver, screws and nuts, and students and teachers project tip. You can use this kit to demonstrate how photovoltaics (solar electricity) works. With this complete kit you can show how solar cells can be connected to produce different voltages in order to power different devices (series and parallel connections). Power a light, chime, fan and even a small radio (not included) with solar energy.

Solar kits and toys can range from simple projects to more advanced projects. With all that’s available to us, there’s really no excuse not to teach our children the importance of solar energy and how it works.

Not only is it an educational experience for the children, it’s also a great way for adults and children to bond and communicate.

Have some fun, be creative, and encourage thinking because learning can be far from boring!