It’s mid-October and we still have record-breaking temperatures all around California. With all of this unseasonably warm weather (lovingly referred to natives as “earthquake weather”), quite a few of our customers have reported that they’re still running their air conditioners regularly, using way more electricity than they would be expecting this late in the year.

So what does this unusually hot weather mean for solar panel production?

Solar works best in sunny conditions but as with most electronics, the cooler the temperature, the better it works. Which means that extra hot weather is great for the sunshine received, but not so great for producing electricity.

Should you be concerned that the panels aren’t producing as much as expected during hot weather like this?

Not at all – the weather is constantly changing and as soon as temperatures go down a little, panels will begin producing what they should be. And also make sure that the panels are kept clean of falling leaves or other debris as that will definitely affect production as well.

Let’s hope we start getting some cooler temperatures soon – with some rain too!