Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Concern for the fate of life on our planet is a high-priority, and today’s green message is really hitting home with the younger generation.

To help celebrate Earth Day, The Solar Company created a fun, Earth Day-themed coloring page to share with kids at the Castro Valley Library. On the bottom of the coloring page, they were asked to finish the sentence, “To help take care of our Earth, I promise to…”

Some of our favorite responses:

“Not litter, not like those unsmart people.” – Austin, age 8 1/2

“Use containers for snacks, not plastic bags!” – Zayneb, age 4

“Plant a flower in our backyard.” – Parsa, age 5

“Plant trees.” – Heath, age 4

“To clean the world and make it safe.” – Victoria, age 8

We’re happy that the next generation is growing up green. They’re full of ideas and completely open to the exciting possibilities of future green technology. Solar, wind, water – renewable energy sources have the ability to provide all of the electricity everyone on the planet could ever need.

It’s our job to continue guiding them in the right direction!

Have faith – the kids are listening.