Unfortunately, you cannot fix a cracked solar panel. Although there are many internet sites that claim you can, the chemical reactions that occur within the photovoltaic panels we install on your home require properly and completely sealed cells to allow for maximum performance of your system. Once moisture enters your panel after it has cracked, it is: 1. Unlikely able to be removed completely and 2. Can lead to possible corrosion within the panel and even further damage to your system.

Prevention and maintenance of your solar panels is key to maximizing benefits when using solar power to avoiding unfix-able damage. Keeping your panels clean is a good idea that helps ensure that the greatest amount of light can be absorbed. The more dirt on your panels, the less amount of light will be able to get through, and when it comes to solar, light is everything!

The easiest way to clean them is a quick spray with a hose, but be cautious! Spraying hot panels with cold water can cause damage and cracks to your panels that cannot be repaired! These are the types of accidents solar users want to avoid in order to continue having effective and efficient solar power systems.