Ring Around the Posey

Buster, that is. His fourth finger, that is. This year, that is.  Yes, the San Francisco Giants began play/work Monday morning in Milwaukee with perennial all-star Buster Posey behind the plate for his 8th season. And he’s only 29, and he’s signed here through 2021. I know you know that, but it’s always reassuring to see it in print. Long-term high performance looks good on paper, and not just on the financial page. Which reminds me:

The Giants have the right tools and materials for a great season, a reasonable shot at their 4th championship in 7 years; almost mythical given the parity in MLB these days. They’ve done it by spending reasonably and being excellent.

With a 2016 payroll of around $166 million, SF is a more expensive team to enjoy than, say, this year’s $50 million Milwaukee Brewers. But few would argue that it’s preferable to watch MadBum or Cain or Cueto or the Shark play catch with Buster and sip a Guinness or Anchor Steam at AT&T Park than endure an Old Style or Pabst Blue Ribbon at County Stadium wondering if Ryan Yawn will be able to play. Besides, there will be a noteworthy difference in the level of performance. Forgive me, Wisconsin. I love you but I’m making a home team point here. Which is this:

Reasonable cost plus high return times master craftmanship divided by Bruce Bochy’s superb trade skills = rare achievement. As fun and popular as the Panda is, the Giants’ wisdom in letting him walk is unquestionable, especially now that he’s sitting…on the Red Sox’ bench…and getting $19 million for it. LET’S GO GIANTS!

A couple of years ago Buster Posey signed a nine-year, $164 million deal. Pockets-full for Posey, to be sure. Expensive, yes. Yet given the industry standard, a bargain. Well worth it, by baseball barometers. While the Giants aren’t wholesale, they’re not into the retail elite tiers of the Dodgers, Red Sox, Tigers, or Yankees. That little bit of thrift keeps them contending annually.

In May 2011, many of us wondered if Buster Posey would ever play baseball again. He didn’t merely recover and play. He erupted…as the best baseball player in the National League the following year, winning the batting title, MVP, and anchoring a world series championship team. Did you know his real name is Gerald?

The Giants played 162 games last year. Buster Posey caught 106 of those games, played 1st base for 42, and DH’d three times. He hits exceptionally well, even runs pretty good. But whatever else he does, he’s the catcher. The catcher. 100+ times a game, he touches the ball. If it’s thrown in the dirt, he smothers and catches it. If it’s thrown in the strike zone, he catches it. If on the border, he catches and frames. If a runner strays off the bag or tries to steal, he catches and throws…hard. He’s a  converter: Throwers to pitchers, balls to strikes, hitters to outs, runners to dugout dwellers, catches to throws, games to victories, seasons to pennants, series to trophies. He catches. He converts. He’s…like solar.

A SunPower solar array on your home is the catcher. Steady, reliable, powerful, smart. It catches sunlight, converts it to electricity, smothers your bill, throws out exorbitant utility costs.

As a SunPower Elite dealer, The Solar Company is not the Milwaukee Brewers, and we have no intention of becoming them.  We’re not retail, but we’re no yard sale.  We believe in wise investment with enough thrift to remain annually relevant. Our solar farm system is well-stocked, and we have the tools, materials, skills, and savvy to recognize & acquire long-term value & sustained high performance. Remind you of anyone? LET’S GO SOLAR!