Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Have you ever gone shopping for something such as a new smart phone and can’t decide on which one to buy? Android or iPhone? Galaxy or Incredible 2? iPhone 4s or wait till iPhone 5? With the numerous options that are out there and the inconsistent rating reviews, sometimes it’s easy to just be too overwhelmed.

Have you ever pulled the trigger on a purchase only to come home disappointed thinking that you should have gone with the other option?

Maybe this scenario is something that more people can relate to on a worldwide scale. The ABCD multiple choice question on an exam. You’ve narrowed it down to two choices and at the end select the wrong one when your gut feeling indeed pointed to the correct answer. Sound familiar?

I have been guilty of all of the above.

Having choices can be a wonderful thing because you get to choose what’s best suited for you, but having too many choices can cause us to over-analyze, become confused or overwhelmed, cause us to make the wrong choice, and/or lead us to decision paralysis.

“The presumption is, self-determination is a good thing and choice is essential to self-determination,” says Barry Schwartz, PhD, a Swarthmore College psychologist and author of “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less” (Ecco, 2004). “But there’s a point where all of this choice starts to be not only unproductive, but counterproductive–a source of pain, regret, worry about missed opportunities and unrealistically high expectations.”

In many studies on consumerism, people who are presented with too many choices tend to be less likely to buy or will make a less-positive quick decision in order to avoid the hassle of further choice analysis.

How do I choose the Solar Panels that will work best for me?

When you’re buying something that requires a big investment such as solar panels, you definitely want to choose what’s best suited for you. That means that the purchase should meet all of the goals you expect.

If you’re going to choose, AVOID looking at ALL options because there are way too many out there. You will most certainly be frustrated. Instead, read reviews and search for the top-rated products in order to narrow down the number of choices. In California, the list of companies offering solar panels continues to grow, but the best solar panel for you should be the one that uses the space that you already have and reduce, if not eliminate, your electric bill today and in the long-run.

The list of solar panel manufacturers include SunPower, BP Solar, Kyocera, GE, Mitsubishi, Evergreen, Sharp, Sanyo, SunWize, and many others; therefore, choosing the best solar panel brand can be a big headache that takes up more time than it should.

The good news is that with The Solar Company, if you’re in Northern California, the headache can be eliminated. We are a proud SunPower Elite Dealer, a top manufacturer that tops the list in terms of highest-efficiency panels currently on the market. In fact, the components were rated based on the quality of materials and value for the money.

If the best is what you’re looking for, then that’s what we want for our customers. It’s not just about the sale.

A Happy Customer = Happy Referrals = Respectable, Happy Business

At The Solar Company, we not only want to provide the best product, we want to provide the best service.

Read our customer experiences. They certainly won’t disappoint.

Let The Solar Company help make your decision making process easy and stress-free. Sometimes less is more. Happy Solar Searching!