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Ever Heard of Solar Panel Backpacks?

Solar panel technology isn’t just found on rooftops. Solar technology has grown a lot since its inception into the world. From calculators to satellites to rooftops of homes, schools, and commercial buildings and now it’s even making its way into everyday technology.   In a previous post entitled Even Computers Are Going Solar, I had [...]


Why Samsung Builds Solar-Powered Schools in Africa

What is one of Africa’s greatest problems? Electricity – the lack of access to power has been one of Africa’s greatest problems in terms of providing work for the community, light during the day and night, refrigeration to keep medicine and food from spoiling, and power to appliances to boil clean water for infection control. [...]


Warren Buffett Purchases Solar Power Plant

Warren Buffett Invests in Solar If Warren Buffett invests in solar, then that must be a good indication of a promising future. After all, he’s only regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. To many, he is a legend – a legendary investor who ranks as one of the wealthiest people [...]


Why Work For Solar Companies: Job Fields Part 5 of 5

Go Back to Part 4 of 5: Occupations in Solar Power Plant Construction and Operations  The following are solar job opportunities in photovoltaic installations, maintenance, and support. Site assessors determine how much energy can be harvested at a particular location and then make recommendations based on that assessment. Site assessors help determine the best type, [...]


Why Work For Solar Companies: Job Fields Part 4 of 5

Go Back to Part 3 of 5: Occupations in Solar Power Manufacturing and Solar Power Plant Development  The following are solar job opportunities in construction and operations. Construction managers oversee the construction of solar power plants, from site selection to the final construction of the plant. They supervise a team of diverse occupations, including engineers, [...]


Why Work For Solar Companies: Job Fields Part 3 of 5

Go Back to Part 2 of 5: Occupations in Solar Power Engineering  The following are solar job opportunities in manufacturing and power plant development. Semiconductor processors are workers who oversee the manufacturing process of solar cells. Semiconductors are unique substances, which act as either conductors or insulators of electricity, depending on the conditions. Semiconductor processors [...]


Why Work For Solar Companies: Job Fields Part 2 of 5

Go Back to Part 1 of 5: Occupations in Scientific Research The following are solar job opportunities in engineering. Materials engineers are involved in the development, processing, and testing of the materials for use in products that must meet specialized design and performance specifications. In the solar industry, they work with semiconductors, metals, plastics, glass, [...]


Why Work For Solar Companies: Job Fields Part 1 of 5

The market for solar is growing. There are so many reasons why people are drawn to the solar industry. Sunlight, being the most abundant source of energy on Earth, is providing a way for mankind to generate electricity and hence bring about more job opportunities with great benefits on an individual and international level. Solar [...]


Can Farming Solar Energy in Space Be The Future?

Can you imagine having solar panel farms in space? With the way technology has advanced, improved, and been continually innovated throughout the age,s I wouldn’t doubt such possibilities. In the 1950s, AT&T Bell Laboratories began using solar cells to power their satellites. In fact, even until today, solar cells continue to power space machines and [...]


What Are Solar Trackers?

Solar trackers follow the sun. The term 'solar' is related to the sun, and the term 'tracker' basically means to follow something. I love it when devices are named describing exactly what they do! In relation to photovoltaic panels, solar trackers orient toward the sun to harness more sunlight. Solar trackers are positioned and attached [...]