Since photovoltaic solar panels are primarily made of silicon, there are no dangers of leaking toxins or fumes. However, there are electrical components involved. Exercise caution as you would around any type of electricity.

When sunlight shines on the panels, the panels convert sunlight directly into DC (Direct Current) electricity. The electricity goes from the panels to an inverter, where it is then changed to AC (alternating current) electricity. The AC power is then piped through the regular home electrical system for normal use. Rest assured, a professionally installed system has all its live wires concealed in conduit or inside of walls where it is completely safe and secure.

Should you have any operational issues with your solar panels:

  • Please call a certified, experienced solar contractor for assistance.
  • If the original installer is unavailable, contact a reputable solar contractor for help to diagnose the problem.
  • Fire hazards can occur with faulty wiring or damage to the electrical components. Do not try to fix these problems yourself without professional help! Doing so may result in serious damage to your property, yourself, or others. It’s not worth the risk!