Customer Service

At I Love My Solar, we want to make sure all of our customers are taken care of. We are here every step of the way as you make the switch to solar and beyond.

Whether you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

For assistance, please call us at 877.607.6527. Our customer care representatives are available to assist you.

You can also email us for support at [email protected].

Services and Support

To schedule a solar panel cleaning, call us at 877.607.6527 or email us at [email protected].

For instructions on how to activate your system once you receive PTO (permission to operate) from your utility company:

System Activation Instructions pdf

How to Activate Your Solar Inverter video

System Support and FAQs (by manufacturer):

SunPower: SunPower Customer Support and FAQs

SolarEdge: SolarEdge Customer Support and FAQs

Enphase: Enphase Customer Support and FAQs

SMA: SMA Customer Support and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my power goes out? Will my solar panels still work?

If your solar panel system is connected to the electric grid only without any type of battery backup system, then your panels will not be able to power your home. Also, when your utility company loses power, your solar panel system will automatically turn off as a safety precaution.

Are my solar panels safe during a storm?

SunPower panels are designed to withstand a pretty heavy beating, even being pummeled by golf-ball sized hail. It takes a lot to crack a solar panel but it can happen. If you notice any damage to your solar panel system, please contact our office as soon as possible and we will send out a support crew to assess the issue.

What happens to my solar power production when it’s cloudy?

Bright, sunny days will contribute to your system working at peak capacity. But on a day with thick cloud cover, panels will still produce power although production will be much lower than average.