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About I love my solar

I Love My Solar is a licensed and insured C-46 Solar Contractor, C-10 Electrical, B General Building Contractor, and Roofing Contractor California Contractor’s Number: 1028965. Mark Danenhower is NABCEP certified. I Love My Solar is also a Class A contractor with specialties in AES (Alternative Energy Systems) ELE (Electrical) in Virginia. Virginia Contractor’s Number 2705190369.

I Love My Solar specializes in custom solar power solutions in the Greater Sacramento, Sierra Foothills, Central Valley and Bay Areas as well as the Chesapeake area of Virginia. I Love My Solar invites you to Love solar also. We want you to enjoy the switch to solar and to live in comfort and without fear of your electric bills. I Love My Solar gives you the power to utilize clean energy and enjoy free power from the sun. It is our passion to provide you with outstanding customer satisfaction and service in every aspect of your solar panel installation.

I Love My Solar is privately owned and operated by Mark and Christina Danenhower. Mark and his wife, Christina, were both born and raised in California and they love the beauty in California. Mark has a passion for the mountains and Christina is happiest on a lake or by the ocean. Both are conscious to do their part in keeping the earth beautiful without losing the comforts of a modern lifestyle. When they installed solar panels on their home in 2004 it felt so good to have peace of mind that they could live in comfort and without fear of their PG&E bill. Now they consume clean energy and they enjoy free electricity. Mark and Christina are dedicated to helping others live in comfort and take control of their energy costs by making the switch to solar. 

Mark and Christina have been partners since 1990. All in that year they got married and also started Mark Construction, a General Contracting Company. Christina mostly did labor for Mark construction since she is was working in a beauty salon as a hairdresser. After having two children they made the decision to focus on their family and one business. Combining Christina’s creativity and Mark’s construction skills made an awesome match for building homes. Then one day in 2004 Mark and Christina took a solar panel installation class. Then Boom! They moved out of the Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills and started specializing in solar panel installations. It was a whole new world and adventure as they grew from a 4-person company to 175-person company under the name The Solar Company. The main crew from Mark Construction joined Mark and Christina on this new journey. This hardworking and customer-focused team grew The Solar Company extremely fast. The Solar Company installed over 8,000 solar panel systems in Northern California from 2004-2017, mostly on homes and some very fun businesses. The favorite business install was installing solar on the Golden State Warriors Practice Facility. Stephen Curry was a Rookie that year and he participated in the solar system ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Sadly in 2017, The Solar Company had to close for business. It was a very heart wrenching-difficult decision to make for Mark and Christina. The Solar Company team and their customers were such a huge part of them and they were family to them. Under extreme stress, Mark and Christina did not know right away how they would move forward in their career goals. They did yearn for a healthier work-life balance; Mark and Christina needed a restart. After taking a break for a few months they decided to stay in the solar panel installation business under the new name I Love My Solar. The Solar Company logo got repurposed for their new name and business. This time around Mark and Christina have invaluable experience, additionally, the solar industry has matured. These are some reasons they are very confident in their business goals. Mark and Christina enjoy a smaller company so they can be hands-on with their team and customers. Happily many of the team from The Solar Company went on to build their own businesses and so they get to work with some of their old team to this day. 

What about the two children? Well, both of their children grew up with The Solar Company as the company grew. They worked with their parents at home shows and many other events. The Vita-Mix booth and many other vendors would always welcome them as they had these products at home and would help the vendors make more sales. They would also help educate people about how solar works. Christina remembers one particular day when 10-year-old Josiah did a better job selling solar to a man than her. As Jacqueline and Josiah got older both helped in the office and also attended customer appreciation events. Today Jacqueline works as a nurse and Josiah after trying other jobs now works with his parents. Mark and Christina are very cheerful about their son Josiah working with them.

Mark and Christina continue to attend the solar conventions to stay current on renewable energy. Sharing their story with many of the people they have built relationships within the industry thru the years Mark and Christina have been very pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction they have received from their peers in the solar industry. Additionally, they have talked many of their customers from The Solar Company days and many interactions have been very positive. These experiences have renewed their passion for renewable energy and solar power. They look forward to giving you the power to utilize clean energy by assisting you to switch to solar.