Schools going solar?

It’s true. Many schools have already gone solar and many other schools are starting to follow the wave of solar energy as well. Just the other day, I was stopping by a relatively new high school in my neighborhood in good ol’ San Jose to buy sandwiches from a food truck on their campus. Since the food trucks were doing a fundraiser, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to grab some dinner while supporting a good cause.

To my surprise, as I drove into the parking lot, I noticed what had to be fifty or so solar panel canopies. It’s amazing how far solar has come and it’s neat to see where they’re being installed.

This goes to show that solar panels aren’t just for residential homes or big time commercial businesses. They’re good everywhere and it’s great to see that schools are taking initiative and managing their money in ways that will benefit the schools, the students, and the community.

High schools all over the country have adopted and installed solar panels on their campuses in order to promote energy saving technology that’s better for the earth and their funding projects.

The more money that is saved from reducing the electricity bill, the more money can go towards other school-related needs such as books, remodeling, electronics, sports, etc.

I also found out that the junior college that I attended, Evergreen Valley College, recently announced about a month ago, their groundbreaking of a 1.5 megawatt, ground-mounted solar power project. Not surprisingly, the products that will be used for installation are SunPower designed and feature the SunPower™ T0 Tracker. With this solar system installation, the college is expected to generate about one-third of the electricity demanded yearly. My community is taking amazing strides!

It’s not just high schools that are taking leadership in the solar direction – colleges, universities, farms, museums, and state parks are doing the same.

“At Evergreen Valley College, while we continue to provide a quality, comprehensive education to a new generation, we are also mindful of our global responsibilities and opportunities. These responsibilities and opportunities include conservation, sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and adopting green technology. As an educational institution, we have the unique opportunity to incorporate these responsibilities into our Facilities Master Plan, as we plan for the future,” stated Henry Yong, Evergreen Valley College president.

“The Tracker will utilize approximately 4,816 high-efficiency SunPower™ E 19 / 320 Solar Panels that generate up to 50 percent more energy than a similarly-sized system with conventional solar panels.”


SunPower has been working extensively with K-12 schools, community colleges and universities across California to install high efficiency, high reliability solar power solutions which provide significant ongoing savings while delivering clean energy,” said SunPower Managing Director Bill Kelly. “Once installed, Evergreen Valley College will realize greater return on their SunPower solar investment while reducing long-term operational costs.”

That sounds pretty good, don’t you think? Schools saving money in order to allocate them in more programs and beneficial projects, as well as contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission are all good examples being set by high schools and colleges. In turn, the students will be positively influenced – solar power education at its best.