April 22 is fast approaching! On that day, people around the world will show their appreciation for our Earth by participating in Eco-friendly projects and community cleanups.

So, what can you do to celebrate Earth Day? Here are a few ideas for any age to get you started on the green path:

  • You already know how to reduce, reuse, recycle – but do you know how to repurpose and upcycle?  Pinterest has more ideas than you can shake a celery stick at: Upcycle & Repurpose Ideas
  • Get your hands dirty – plant trees or even an organic garden
  • Carpool, ride the bus, walk, or bike to work
  • Make a green pledge and stick to it
  • Get the kids involved – make pine-cone bird feeders to help feed migrating birds

At The Solar Company, we try to promote caring for the Earth each and every day by encouraging more people to use renewable energy. It’s clean and abundant, without any dirty byproducts that can gunk up our air and water. Plus, it can even save you money – what’s not to love?!

To find a community event near you, check out the Earth Day Network site: EarthDay.org